Edward J. Cabic

Contact Information

Address 10518 William Tell Lane
Columbia, Maryland 21044
Telephone 410-992-7197
Facsimile 410-992-7177
E-Mail edcabic@verizon.net
  • Cornell University  BS and
                                   Master of Engineering (Chemical)
  • Georgetown Law School  JD 1971
                                   Law Review 
Professional Experience
  • US Patent Office  Examiner in Group 162  1966-1971
           Clerked at the Board of Appeals
  • Consultant 1994 - present
Professional Affiliations - Part 1
  • Bar Memberships:  Maryland,  District of Columbia and Virginia
  • Maryland Patent Law Association
         Founding member and first President  1979 - 1981
         MPLA Newsletter Editor   1979 - 1984
                   First Issue  December 1979  page 1, page 2, page 3
         First webmaster since 2000



Professional Affiliations - Part 2
  • National Council of Intellectual Patent Law Associations (no longer exists)
        MPLA  Councilman
        Chairman Recent Cases Committee 1984-1995
         Author "Recent Developments in Patent Law" published twice a year in the
                NCIPLA   Newsletter from 1984-1995
                 First Quarter 1992   page 1    page 23    Attachment E page 1 
    Speaker on Recent Patent Law at NCIPLA Continuing Legal Education Program in Akron Ohio  1993 to 1995. (Joint with AIPLA in Cleveland in 1994)
             July 1995 Summary page of  45 page handout
  • Once in a While Club  - Corporate patent  attorneys in Crystal City/DC that met "once in while."  Photo is from a luncheon  meeting in the early days when I had more hair.


  • PTO Bar Exam Committee - prepared questions for the Patent Attorney Exam.

The most "famous" patent I obtained while at Grace was US Patent No. 4,214,368 on "Dipstick for liquid nitrogen." For a full copy in pdf click here. See me at a club meeting to hear the story on this one. Yes Virginia you can patent a ruler.

Other Activities/Interests
Visiting Europe
While at W.R. Grace I would attend patent meetings in Lausanne, Switzerland and  Worms, Germany.  Afterwards I would take vacations in European cities. In Munich  (M´┐Żnchen) I recall three very pleasant experiences

    1. Visiting the Deutsches Museum --unbelievably large science museum. "The largest museum of technology and natural sciences in the world, with over 13 acres of exhibitions."
    2. Visiting the European Patent Office which is very close to the museum.
    3. Visiting (and sampling) all of the outdoor beer gardens [then click on left side on "Places of Interest" and then click on "beergardens" on right side] in about a three day period. (Note this link to the Munich Tourist Office lists 14 beer gardens --not sure I visited that many [some may be just indoor], but on the tourist map I had at the time I visited every outdoor one on that map. I brag here because after drinking all that beer it takes significant mental skills to figure out how to coordinate the metro and bus lines to get to the next beer garden.)

Alzheimer's Disease
 Since 1998 I have been writing  a monthly report on  "Alzheimer Related News Items" which I distribute to the Columbia MD support group where I am a co-leader. I post the reports  each month at an Alzheimer Information Web site where I am the webmaster. If you have any questions on this subject, please let me know.

Amateur Radio
I am an Extra Class licensed operator and my call sign is N2EC. I am in the Columbia Amateur Radio Association (CARA) where I help organize the Satellite Group which uses the club's equipment to make radio contracts with other hams by relaying off of orbiting amateur satellites.

Role Models

Jan Jancin

Jan was active in everything. He was President of the AIPLA 1981-82. He chaired the PTO Bar Exam Committee. At the NCIPLA he was the Legislative Reporter - he always had an extensive report of the latest legislative  proposals. When you talk about someone who was providing service to the patent bar -- Jan was it. 

(more to come)



Special thanks to my son, Ed M. Cabic, for web page style design.