Customer Partnership January 14, 2003

Summary of Talks by Steve Helmer

“Official Notice” taken in  Office actions 
Memo from Stephen Kunin
John Doll
Director TC 1600
Vector Claims in Gene Therapy Applications: In vivo vs. In vitro Utilities Deborah Reynolds
Supervisory Patent Examiner Technology Center 1600
Sequence Searches and Analysis Christopher Low
Supervisory Patent Examiner  Technology Center 1600
102 (e) and 102 (g)

2 page Flow Chart (in pdf)
Rob Clarke, OPLA
Rule 132 Declarations and Unexpected  Results Richard E Schafer 
Administrative Law Judge
Board of Patent Appeals & Interferences
Non-Functional Descriptive Material: 3-D Structures and Computer Algorithms Michael Woodward 
Supervisory Patent Examiner Technology Center 1600
Interpartes Reexamination Changes (in Word)
Speaker's Notes (in Word)
Ken Schor, OPLA

Training Materials for Examining Patent Applications with Respect to 35 U.S.C. Section 112, First Paragraph-Enablement Chemical/Biotechnical Applications


Next Meeting tentatively set for April 29, 2003


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