Biotechnology/Chemical/Pharmaceutical Customer Partnership
Photos by Ed Cabic

IMG_1042 IMG_1120 IMG_1231
Bruce Kisliuk, John Doll, & Jasemine Chambers Dick Bertsch Bill Stryjewski
IMG_1340 IMG_1441 IMG_1543
Sreenivasan Padmanabhan Sreenivasan Padmanabhan John LeGuyader
IMG_1644 IMG_1746 IMG_1748
John LeGuyader Robert Clarke Tony Caputa & Deborah Reynolds New TC Practice Specialists
IMG_1836 IMG_1937 IMG_2038
Lunch in the hallway On break in the hallway Break in the hallway
IMG_2139 IMG_2245 IMG_2347
Break in the hallway Returning from break. Rumsen Bldg in window Heading home ahead of time
Humor: John Doll called the only cafe in the building on the Concourse level "Jasemine's Cafe." The photo of the door below shows the real name is "Jazzman's."
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