Biotechnology/Chemical/Pharmaceutical Customer Partnership  

Wednesday, December 8, 2004 

United States Patent and Trademark Office
Alexandria, Virginia 
Note: New Location at the NEW CARLYLE Campus

400 Dulany Street, Alexandria, VA, 
Auditorium in the Madison Building 

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Please allow enough time for security check.

A notice regarding the security check is here.

Morning Session
9:00 9:15 AM Greetings and Overview
Jasemine C. Chambers
Bruce Kisliuk
Directors, TC 1600
9:15 10:15 AM

New Rules
Changes to Patent Fees 12/8/04 and Create Act 103(c) 28 slides 170K
Significant Final Rule Makings of 2004 104 slides 734K
Revised Power of Attorney Practice 
1 page Word file 27K
S-Signature Examples 
9 page PDF file 714K

Bob Spar 
Office of Patent Legal
Administration Staff
10:15 10:30 AM Break
10:30 11:00 AM IFW Practice Tips
Image File Wrapper (IFW) Processing
24 slides 859K
List of Headings Used When IDing IFW Docs 1 page PDF 800K
Paula Hutzell
Practice Specialist
11:00 12:00 Restriction Training Materials
Principles in Restriction Practice TC1600 30 slides 87K
TC1600 Restriction Training for Examiners 38 pages PDF 374K
Tony Caputa
Practice Specialist
12:00 1:00 PM  Lunch
Afternoon Session
1:00 1:45 PM 

Anticipation by Inherency in Prior Art
20 slides 152K

James Wilson
Supervisory Patent Examiner
1:45 2:30 PM

Examination Issues: Immunology 24 slides 136K

Yvonne Eyler 
Training Quality Assurance 
Specialist TC1600
2:30 2:45 PM  Break
2:45 3:45 PM Searching the Genetic Code from Gene to Fragment
Automated Searching of Polynucleotide Sequences   49 slides 807K

Michael Woodward
John LeGuyader
Supervisory Patent Examiners 

3:45 4:00 PM

Closing Remarks/Discussion

Jasemine C. Chambers
Bruce Kisliuk
Directors, TC 1600

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Supplemental Materials:
    Carlyle Site Drawings
Perspective 3D drawing of the building on campus click here 
    Floor plan for a building (pdf 178K) click here
    Close-up plan view of campus map click here 
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