Biotechnology/Chemical/Pharmaceutical Customer Partnership  

Tuesday , March 15, 2005 

United States Patent and Trademark Office
Alexandria, Virginia 
600 Dulany Street, Alexandria, VA, 
 Madison Building Auditorium North

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Morning Session
9:00 � 9:15 AM Greetings and Overview
New SPEs - name/photo click here
Quality Matrix - names/photos click here
Jasemine C. Chambers
Bruce Kisliuk
Directors, TC 1600
9:15 � 10:00 AM

USPTO Goals Update
30 slides 1.3M
The citation for the Science article on Patents on Human Genes that was briefly discussed is Science 11 March 2005; 357:1566-1567  no link - subscription  required

John Doll  
Deputy Commissioner for Patent Resources and Planning
10:00 � 10:30 AM Incorporation by Reference in view of 
37CFR 1.57
23 slides 126K
Deborah Reynolds
Quality Assurance Specialist 1600
10:30 �10:45 AM Break
10:45 � 11:45 New Board Rules 47 slides 639K Jeffery Nase and Richard Torczon
Administrative Patent Judges
Board of Patent Appeals and Interferences
11:45 � 1:00 PM  Lunch   Roundhouse Cafe Cafeteria is inside Madison Building adjacent the Auditorium. Menu changes each week  Menu for Week of March 14, 2005 is here.
Afternoon Session
1:00 � 1:45 PM 

Post Grant Cancellations
Public Chart Comparing Post-Grant Proposals 3 slides 1.3M

James Toupin
General Counsel
1:45 � 2:45 PM

New Matter Training Module 61 slides 181K

Rob Hill, Quality Assurance Specialist, Office of Patent Quality Assurance with Paula 
Hutzell, Practice Specialist TC1600
2:45 � 3:00 PM  Break
3:00 � 3:45 PM Examining Pharmaceutical Claims of Immense Scope  - Enablement and Unpredictability 28 slides 131K

Gary Kunz
Supervisory Patent Examiner 

3:45-4:00 Interview Practice 8 slides 232K Cecilia Tsang
Supervisory Patent Examiner 
4:00 � 4:15 PM

Closing Remarks/Discussion

Jasemine C. Chambers
Bruce Kisliuk
Directors, TC 1600

Photos of the speakers are here

Supplemental Materials:
    Carlyle Site Drawings
Perspective 3D drawing of the building on campus click here 
    Floor plan for a building (pdf 178K) click here
    Close-up plan view of campus map click here 
    Go to for more views and info